First Arrivals of 2017!

We are in the preliminary stages of bringing over 5 Irish Greyhounds in May!!!!

What we are in need of are Volunteers:
We will require 2+ hours of your time during a weekday.

Parking at the airport is required. At this time, we are unable to reimburse your parking fees, which should run approximately $25.

All Irish Greyhounds arriving into Canada will have a pre- approved adoption group already assigned to them. The Irish Greyhounds will be going into foster care and subsequent adoption through those groups.
Should you wish to foster a future arrival, please engage your adoption groups to contact us to inquire on placing Irish Greyhounds though them.

Help needed:
5 Hounds – 5 People;
There will be 5 hounds arriving. We ask for 1 volunteer for each hound that arrives. You will be assigned a greyhound before their arrival and instructions will follow.

5 Crates – 5 People;
The crates must be cleaned, stacked and readied for the return flight. They will return to Ireland with the Representative on their return flight. We will have garbage bags for the shredded paper from the crates, cleaning wipes, paper towel, gloves and sanitizer for those who request it.

Should you wish to volunteer please contact;
For the Southwestern Ontario area: Tina
Surrounding area: Laura


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