Given the nature of this huge undertaking, we are beginning our planning phase.  The first and largest hurdle is that of transport.

Airline transportation requirements have changed in the last twelve or so months.

Greyhounds can no longer be carried as passenger excess baggage and must be carried as manifested cargo booked by a professional Freight Forwarder, which also quadruples the flight fees. In past years, patrons could travel with animals as passenger excess baggage.

We are working diligently with our contacts in Ireland, the Airlines, Veterinarians, Breeders, Owners, International Greyhound Forum, and Bord na gCon to ensure Canada remains on the “‘draft list’ of countries which meet minimum standards with regard to the welfare of greyhounds and to which licensed export of greyhounds from Ireland can be permissible.”

We are working hard to ensure the safest and financial feasible way for these stunning hounds to travel from Ireland into Canada and the US.